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The Shaman's Secret

The Shaman's Secret by Rich Curtin

Reviewed by L. Bennett

A young militia man is killed at close range and several mature bighorn rams have been poached, all in the same remote area of Grand County, Utah. Deputy Sheriff Manny Rivera is happy to take the two cases so he can be out of the office while the Sheriff campaigns for re-election. At a nearby ranch the owners have been threatened by both the poachers and the militia. Then Manny learns that a man has disappeared from a center for spiritual meditation located in the same vicinity. Too many coincidences but not many clues. Manny gets help on the cases from the friends of the victims, a retired investigative journalist, and an antique coin dealer. A law enforcement officer he met while on a case in New Mexico comes for a romantic weekend and ends up working the cases while Manny wonders if she is the one.

This novel is the seventh in Rich Curtin's Manny Rivera series and I enjoyed it as much as I have the others. It was a quick read with good plot twists, and I liked the descriptions of the backcountry. I gladly escaped into it instead of doing my chores.

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