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The Light Over London

The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

Reviewed by L. Bennett

Louise seems to have a very dull future in the Cornish village where she grew up. Her cousin Kate on the other hand is out for excitement. The two of them attend a dance one night in 1941 where Louise meets a military man named Paul. With England under attack by the Germans, all three young people step up to do their part, Paul as a pilot, Kate to far away places in the women's army, and Louise as a member of an anti-aircraft gunnery squad. The novel traces Louise's life as revealed in her diary discovered years later by Cara when as she was cataloging antiques in an old house. Cara is captivated by the strength and mystery of Louise's war time experience and decides she will find Louise's family and return the diary.

Julia Kelly, author of The Light Over London, captures the excitement and stress of wartime London, introduces interesting characters, and paints a sensitive picture of two women of different generations whose lives are linked by a diary. Good read.

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