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Saving Us

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by Katharine Hayhoe

Reviewed by L. Bennett

The author of Saving Us is Katharine Hayhoe, a scientist with sufficient degrees and awards to substantiate her assertions. She is also a Christian, a fact that is frequently stated in her book because she believes that acknowledging and addressing climate change is a Christian thing to do, not just an activity for scientists. She provides many examples of what causes climate change and how it is progressing with greater rapidity than first anticipated. Hayhoe states that the best way to slow or reverse climate change is to do two things: Pray and Talk. She doesn't spend much time on how to pray but she devotes many pages to talking about climate change. She posits that if the world won't talk about it then it will be ignored and if it is ignored than we are doomed and the planet will eventually become uninhabitable. Hayhoe says we don't talk about climate change because we (scientists, politicians, preachers, ordinary folk, etc.) don't know how. Woven among her examples of conversations she has had and overheard are the fundamental steps to effective communication. Steps that are not unique to discussing climate change, by the way. If you are a seasoned communicator the book will offer very little that is new but it does have interesting facts. If you need to brush up on your communications skills, you'll find some good ideas bolstered by examples from astrophysics, psychology, biology, and the like.

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