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Freefall by Jessica Barry

Reviewed by L. Bennett

Maggie hasn’t spoken with her daughter Ally for a couple of years. She would like very much to mend the fence that separates them but she doesn’t really know where Ally is. The local sheriff knocks on the front door to say Ally has been killed in a plane crash but they haven’t yet recovered her body. Eventually the search and rescue crew finds Ally’s locket and it is given to Maggie. At least she has something to hold on to. The fact that no body has been found troubles Maggie. Not in the sense that she has nothing to bury but more at the gut level. A mother’s instinct, perhaps, or a persistent attempt to remain in denial. Maggie believes Ally is alive and she sets out to find her daughter. Maggie is right. Ally is not dead but she soon will be if she is not very careful. There’s from exposure to the elements and dehydration, of course. But there is also the person who is tracking her down to finish the job.

Freefall by Jessica Barry is a good suspense novel with the actions of Maggie and Ally running on parallel paths through most of the book. They converge at the end in a moment of terror. It is fast-paced and carefully constructed. Based on this book I’d read another by this author.

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