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Ancient Ones

Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell

Reviewed by L. Bennett

About 6 pages into Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell, I thought "what a loser", but I decided to give the book a few more pages before abandoning it. The story quickly evolved and I settled down to enjoy the mystery. There are two plots, one a FBI-Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement investigation into the discovery of a skeleton thought to be a 14,000 year old ancestral American. The other plot line is the romantic involvement of the two investigating officers.

Emmett Parker is a FBI agent and his partner, Anna Turnipseed, is a BIA officer; both are Native Americans. Deborah Carter is a battle-scarred Viet Nam veteran who is commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers reservoir where the skeleton is found by an unemployed Basque sheepherder. Dr. Rankin is an anthropologist who assists the police with forensic identification of human remains and for whom the newly discovered skeleton offers proof for his theory that Caucasians and not Native Americans first peopled North America. This cast of characters, plus others, interacts to reveal a hidden agenda, a terminal disease whose cause is cannibalism, and the chaffing of Anglo and Native American traditions.

Do you get the impression the book has a little of everything? You're right, but what you don't get from my comments is the intriguing manner in which it lays out. For that, read the book!

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