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American Spy

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

Reviewed by L. Bennett

Marie is a daughter, sister, mother, and bread-winner. She is smart, bilingual, capable, and ambitious. Although the untimely death of her sister still haunts Marie, she has moved forward with her own life. She works for the FBI as an intelligence officer but in reality the agency impedes her career, imposing their archaic notions that women are better suited for menial office work unless they are exceptionally pretty. Like Marie. In which case maybe they can exploit sexual attractiveness to further agency goals.

When Marie is offered a special assignment, she suspects her boss is less interested in her intelligence and skills than in her looks. To get ahead in her career, and confident that she can be true to her moral compass, Marie accepts the job. It leads to a small African country in political turmoil, and a chance to work with the man who was with Marie's sister at her time of death. There are answers Marie wants and this assignment will service her purposes nicely.

Lauren Wilkinson, author of this intriguing novel, approaches the spy-thriller genre from an unusual perspective. Her story-telling is fluid and clear. The book pushes social buttons of morality, race, patriotism, and sexuality while also being entertaining. I quite liked this book.

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