San Juan County Library System Public Services Policy

Eligible Patrons

Free access to all resources of the San Juan County libraries will be granted to patrons with an active, unrestricted San Juan County library card issued by any of our libraries.  Any person, with or without a library card, is allowed access to the library facilities and have in-house use of the resources.  All library users must comply with the library rules and regulations. All non-card- holder library users must be18 years or older or, if under 18, must have an adult family member or guardian present.

Residents of San Juan County may apply for a library card by completing and signing an application and complies with the following requirements:

  • Provide valid photo identification proving that you are over 18 years of age and proof of a San Juan County, Utah mailing and/or residential address

  • Upon approval, a new patron will be designated as a “Trial Patron” for the duration of 2 months for adults and 6 months for children under 18 with a 3 item limit checkout. Trial patrons are not eligible to check out Hotspots.  If Trial patron has a good history of returning items after Trial period, then they will be moved to “Active” patron status and eligible to check out up to 23 items.  Any exception must be approved by Librarian Director or Assistant Director.

  • An applicant who is under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the application who must have identification and proof of a San Juan County, Utah mailing and/or residential address, or have a valid SJC Library account

  • A non-resident of San Juan County may be eligible for a non-resident card based on seasonal or temporary work or residence in a near-by area.

  • There is no charge for the initial card. There is a $1.00 fee for a replacement card.

Children under 18 years of age are allowed ‘Computer Use Only’ cards, with signed parental permission. Visitors over the age of 18 are allowed computer use at any time; visitors under 18 must have an adult accompanying them who can give verbal permission.

Library patrons will be responsible for updating all personal information related to their library card (i.e. name changes, address, telephone, etc.)  This can be done with a librarian at the circulation desk.


Most materials will be circulated for 21 days (with the option of 2 renewals). Circulation procedures differ due to limited collections at some our smaller libraries. The circulation policies are listed below:


Blanding and Monticello:

Books and Audio Books – 21 days

DVDs and Magazines – 7 day checkout  ~  7 DVD limit

New Books and New Audio Books – 14 day checkout

Resident Maximum checkout – 25 items

Non-residents maximum checkout - 2 items


Satellite Branches   (Bluff, Montezuma Creek & La Sal)

Books and Audio books– 21 day checkout

DVDs - 21 day checkout  ~  5 DVD limit

Resident Maximum checkout – 10 items

Non-residents maximum checkout– 2 items



Renewals may be requested in person or over the phone and may be available if the material is not already overdue and is not on hold for another patron.



A patron wishing to reserve any material that is currently checked out or otherwise unavailable may do so by consulting a member of the library staff in person, via email or by phone.

Overdue Notices

The library is under no obligation to notify patrons of overdue library materials. Phone calls may be made as a reminder of overdue items.  Also, as a courtesy, the library may send written notices of overdue items to patrons as the time and resources of the library permit. The first notice will be a reminder that indicates the replacement cost of the item(s). The second and final notice will notify the patron of the cost(s) of the item(s), and suspend all library privileges until all matters on the account are complete.

Delinquencies, Fines and Other Charges

The patron (i.e.cardholder), is responsible for the care and return of materials checked out from the library.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for materials checked out by minors in their care. Patrons are responsible for maintaining the library materials they check out in reasonable condition during the time that they have the materials in their possession.  Reasonable condition is defined as normal wear and usage of library materials.  Patrons who intentionally write upon, injure, deface, dog-ear, tear, cut, mutilate, destroy, or otherwise damage library materials will be billed for the replacement cost of the item.  All patrons with items overdue longer than 30 days may have items marked as “lost”, and those with unpaid fines, may have their library privileges suspended until items are returned and/or fines are satisfied, unless otherwise noted on the patron’s account.

A patron who keeps an item 3 months beyond its due date (2 weeks for Hotspots) may lose all library privileges including use of Hotspots and will be billed for the cost of the lost item(s). Library privileges may be restored once the offense has been resolved.

Patrons may be placed on a “Restricted” status for abuse of library materials, facilities, or excessive fines.  Patron may have library privileges restored by Director, Assistant Director, Librarian or other designated staff.

Patrons may be charged for all lost materials. They may be billed the replacement cost of the item. Refunds may not be given for lost items that may be found later by the patron.

Exceptions may be made by the librarian or library director and not by assistant librarians.

Service Charges

  • Photocopier/printer: 

    • B&W:  .20₵ per side               Color: .50₵ per side

  • Fax: .50₵ per page to send or to receive. Free cover sheet-no charge for sending/receiving

  • Scanner: no charge (unless printing)

  • Disc cleaner - $1.00 per disc

  • Photo paper - $1.00 per page

  • Laminating - .50₵ per ½ page   $1.00 per full page


Additional Facilities use

Room rental is available during normal library hours at the Blanding and Monticello branches when room is not being used for library activities, displays, or other library related events. Rental fee is $15/hour, plus a refundable deposit of $30 if food and beverage plan to be served. Deposit will be refunded if room is left in the same or better condition it was found before setting up.  Cash, check, or cards accepted. Reservations required. Payment due in full before room can be used. Any exceptions must be approved by Librarian of that branch.

Hotspot Policy

  • Patron must be an adult (18 years and up) and have a valid library card with no pending fines/fees.

  • Trial, Restricted, or Non-Resident patrons are NOT allowed to check out Hotspot Units.

  • Patron must present a valid, government issued photo ID if Staff member requests one to verify residency, age and/or identity.

  • Hotspot UNIT may be renewed up to 2 times as long as there are not holds for it and another UNIT is available for other patrons to check-out.

  • Patron must submit a signed checkout agreement each time a device is checked out.  Does not apply to renewals.

  • Devices must be returned to the service desk inside of the library and MUST NOT be returned in a drop box.

  • Devices may be returned to any San Juan County Library Branch.

  • Only 1 Device per person per card may be checked out.

  • Charges for Lost or Damaged items: Damaged or lost case/charger/cord: $16 per item.  Damaged or lost battery up to $25.  Damaged or lost Hotspot up to $109.  Patron may lose library privileges if applicable fines are not paid.

  • Patron may be charged up to $25 for overdue device. 1 – 7 days is $10.  8-14 days is $20.  15 + days is $25.

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